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How to make a free website | Free Domain | Free Hosting | Free SSL

How to make a free website | Free Domain | Free Hosting | Free SSL

How to make a free website

This is the question most often ask us. And it's also possible because there are platforms where you can create websites for free, And also get good income.

But the requirement here is that you must focus.

You should never think that you are working on a free platform because most people do not work on the free platform because they are not spending money and they do not care.

One thing to keep in mind, the more valuable your time is. 
How to make a free website.

Free Platform

For one thing, we all know that Google is the world's largest search engine. This is where countless people come to the solution of their problems and Google provides them with good results that make people trust Google more.

Similarly, Google offers a free website platform for the convenience of users. Where you can earn a good income by expressing yourself. Here you can create Business Website, Entertainment Website, Blog Website, News Website, Image Website, and any Personal Idea Website. And it will all be free.

The Topic is continued, How to make a free website


This is Google's own platform.
In my, experience Blogger is the best "website creating platform" in the world. And I'll prove it right now.

The difference between Blogger and the rest of the platform

There are 3 things you need to do to create a website.

  1. Editing and Post Making software
  2. Hosting, where your data will be stored
  3. SSL Certificate, that is, the security of your website
And for these 3 things have to pay and in many places, it is monthly.

But at Blogger it's all free, And best of all, Blogger offers the best results with being free. Because Google supports Blogger. There is no storage limit in Blogger and do not you have to worry that your hosting may crash due to excessive storage. Because Google never lowers its standards. Talking about the SSL certificate, ie the security of your website, then it is absolutely free and powerful in Blogger. Nobody can hack your website.

Blogger Themes | Design of Your Website

The Topic is continued, How to make a free website

Blogger Themes | Design of Your Website

Now we have to consider what's your website design.
By the way, Blogger offers some free themes that are really cool and fast. But maybe you need something better, So you will find numerous Blogger Themes Providers in the market which can give you a good theme for some money and if you want you can use the same themes for free.

If you want good Blogger Themes, you can also contact us.

How to create a Blogger account

Open the Chrome browser on your computer or laptop, create your own Gmail account. And write in the search bar Blogger.com and search. Open Blogger and write your display name now. Then you will have to create your website address. And become your website. Here are some more settings you'll find in YouTube's many videos. Review all the settings thoroughly and you can ask us if you do not understand.

Website Build Services

If you do not know how to create a website or do not understand it, you can contact us. We will make you a good and professional website provide. Thanks
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