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How to Block Someone on Facebook |

How to Block Someone on Facebook?

How to Block Someone on Facebook

How to Block Someone on Facebook | While Facebook offers plenty of features through which you can get connected to people from all over the world, there are times, when you might not want to share your Facebook details with someone. How to Block Someone on Facebook | Facebook answer to this is a feature that allows you to block 'that someone', who is bothering you or whom you feel should not be allowed access to your personal information.

Blocking is a feature that helps you have more security in information sharing. Facebook is mainly used to share personal information, information related to products or services, or share information on a particular topic. However, when you feel that someone should not have access to personal or business information, you can use the Facebook blocking feature to prevent access. Here is a look at how to block someone on Facebook.

Log into your Facebook account and select the 'Privacy Settings' option in the Help Menu. With the Privacy Settings page open with the 'Choose your Privacy Setting' caption at the top. How to Block Someone on Facebook

This page offers various options that you can use to specify how you wish you share your Facebook personal information and whom you wish to share it with. These privacy setting options are as follows:

• Connecting on Facebook - This lets you specify information through which your friends can find you.

• Sharing on Facebook - Let's you specify who can see the information that you share.

• Block Lists - Let's you block people with whom you d not want to communicate anymore.

How to Block Someone on Facebook | Click the 'Block Lists' option to specify the person you want to be blocked from your Facebook account. This link takes you to the page, where you have to enter the name and email id of the person you wish to block. Click the 'Block this User' button to complete the blocking procedure.

You can use the 'Block Lists' option to block application invites and to block event invites. How to Block Someone on Facebook | People you know may invite you to check out applications or send an invite for any event. If you do not wish to receive such information or updates from that person, you can use the 'Block Application Invites' or 'Block Event Invites' to complete the process.

Facebook's block feature lets you block the person with whom you do not wish to communicate with anymore. Blocking is a feature that you can use after you add someone to your friend's list. It is always best to check before adding any person as a friend so that you can be sure that the information that you are sharing is secure. How to Block Someone on Facebook

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