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Engaging Facebook Posts in 3 Simple Ways

Creating Engaging Facebook Posts in 3 Simple Ways

Engaging Facebook Posts in 3 Simple Ways

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook... Engaging Facebook Posts | This is a run-of-the-mill word for many citizens around the world. But what is Facebook actually? What is it for? Engaging Facebook Posts The diversity of its users is wide - children, teenagers, adults, grandmas, and even businessmen.

Most of the questions I get from my clients are related to Facebook Marketing Engaging Facebook Posts. So I did some survey myself and asked a number of clients about what Facebook is for them. To my surprise, businessmen have different understanding of what Facebook is as well.

Here are some of their thoughts. Engaging Facebook Posts

1. Some think of Facebook marketing as uploading various posts to their fan page.

2. Some of them think of it as an avenue to post ads of their products and services.

3. Others think of it as a medium to drive traffic to their website.

Engaging Facebook Posts

Every businessman shares different opinion on this topic. But the truth is... Facebook is another social media tool you can use to "socialize". You can even market your products and services if you want to. Actually, you can do just about anything as long as it does not violate the terms set forth by Facebook.

However, be aware that the moment you overthink or overdo your Facebook marketing campaigns may lead to nowhere. Remember, it is a social tool, not an advertising medium so use it to socialize with your potential customers and other prospective clients.

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In short, make it as your means to get socially engaged with them. Your objective then is to convince your fans to engage with your page. Once engagement becomes visible and more active, your marketing strategy can easily penetrate into the system without turning it into an ad campaign.

To get your audience engage is not all about how many "Likes" you get. It is more than that. Facebook algorithms do not see LIKES as the key factor to engagement but how active the sharing, commenting and post liking is in your page. Engaging Facebook Posts It is more focused on the intensity of audience interaction.

With that said, make sure that your posts are engaging to your audience. How to do that?

Here 3 easy ways you can design your posts:

1. Create Posts Using the Visual Format

Keep in mind that videos and images are apt to get shared than text-only posts. This is because one doesn't have to put so much time to read it, share it or understand it. As the old adage goes, a picture paints a thousand words.

2. Create Posts That Add Value To Them | Engaging Facebook Posts

Do not just post your products or services there. Make it compelling to your audience by adding some value to it like deals, promotional offers or discounts - something that catches their attention.

If you are not don't have special deals or discounts to offer, make sure that your posts is valuable to them. Post informative articles that they can relate to. Don't just post any article even if it is "informative", you have to keep in mind the type of audience in your Facebook page. Know what they want, what they need and what they like to see. Remember, your aim is to keep them entertained; happy enough to want to share your posts to their family and friends. That should be your goal, for your post to get viral.

3. Add a Call to Action | Engaging Facebook Posts

This is paramount. It would be such a waste to upload a very compelling and engaging post without the call to action. You are not feeding them what they need to do next. After reading your post and the audience starts to get excited, they must be able to easily see your CTA or call to action beside a link directed to that particular product or service you are promoting.

You can also use "request to share" or "request to comment" as your CTA. CTA can be done in different ways. What is important is that your audience is invited to do something after reading or after looking at your post. Engaging Facebook Posts

That's it. Start creating a compelling FB post today and see the progress of your audience interaction and engagement rise exponentially. Again, don't overdo it. Engaging Facebook Posts Keep it simple, unique, natural but attention-grabbing.

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